Getting Jiggy With It

I love receptions. This reception in particular was a blast. Being of Irish descent of course have to post this image of one of the groomsmen dancing a jig.

Spring Creek Country Club in Ripon, CA

The Groomsman Dancing a Jig at the Reception

When I shoot receptions my typical approach is to set up a couple of strobes around the dance floor and one on my camera. Nikon’s strobes are smart enough that I can trigger them wirelessly from the on camera flash. I kill all the ambient light and let the on camera strobe light the subject and position myself so the subject is between me and the remote strobes I’ve set up around the room. The remote strobes supply a bit of fill in the back ground and add a rad rim light as well as if they hit the aperture blades on my lens just right, a star burst look in the background.

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