Vision Driven Photography.

Photography is like therapy for me. Some people surf, some people have comfort foods. Some people have the bottle.

I have a camera (err, well several).

When I’m shooting I get lost in a world of light and form. This is good.

Since going into the commercial realm I’ve had many outlets and some great subjects. All that shooting, all those click, click, clicks of the shutter have been a process. An evolution. Every time I pick up my camera I move farther along the path of realizing my own personal vision of the world and who I am behind the lens.

Over Christmas Becky and I were in Turlock and my soon to be nephew, Ian, and I were out playing on the farm. Well, he was playing and I was was watching. I wasn’t getting paid to shoot. No one had any expectations for the images. It was just me, my Nikon, a roll of Portra, and this little boy being himself.

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